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Versatile Marine provides services to any type controls for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and machineries in marine, industrial oil fields, repairing, retrofits, modification and voyage attendance requirements. With a well-equipped in-house workshop and team of electro-mechanical we are capable of providing complete solution to the field of controls.

With support of our associates we provide competent solutions for supply, Installation & Commissioning, technical assistance and maintenance services with spares and replacement parts for many applications. Following are some of them for your reference, sent your requirements in detail we are there to assist you.

  • Anchor handling winches, cranes
  • CPP, Rudder and steering system
  • Cargo hatch doors, RORO platform
  • Pneumatic valves, controllers, actuators for various application
  • Main engine pneumatic start systems
  • Power packs and controls
  • Hydraulic cylinders and shafts